In 2011, a group of researchers of the University of Basel founded Red Synapse with the goal of industrially developing a series of patents that allowed for better detection of building defects by taking advantage of integrated nulling interferometry. As of today, Red Synapse has expanded the line not only to the development of the latests testing technology, but also the manufacturing of its own testing equipment.

Red Synapse introduces the most recent advances in integrated optics to its systems, developing optics for some of the key companies in sectors as civil engineering, architecture and heritage preservation.

Red Synapse's system incorporate the most advanced software for automatic detection of electrical and mechanical problems.

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Electrical Testing Electrical testing and detection of faulty connections is one of the most extended uses of infrared thermography. Red Synapse test equipment includes its own in-house developed detection algorithms that allow for automatic "hot-point" detection. Electrical Testing Ask for a demo
Stress Testing Infrared thermography systems allow for the detection of stress problems in mechanical systems, both static and dynamic. Red Synapse provides industrial-scale thermal testing systems for some of the world's sector leaders. Stress Testing Ask for a demo
Refractory Testing Thermography is a powerful tool for the detection of refractory and isolation problems in loss-sensitive systems. Red-Synapse develops and manufactures customized thermography systems to perform extensive loss testing. Damage Testing Ask for a demo
Architecture and Restoration Red Synapse develops pulse and pulse phase thermography systems that together with its image analysis specific software allow for detailed identification of detachments and cracks in historical works. Restoration Ask for a demo
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